Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ironman 2!

Now we can say that we not only watched Ironman 1 together, we watched Ironman too (2)! xD

Anyway, due to us being busy people living busy lives, it was super hard to find time for a proper outing! But thanks to the insistence of an extremely cool person (ahem) we managed to arrange a time (:

Such an awesome night. Watched the imba people come in left! right! center! as it all came together for that 2 hours (and 5 minutes). But, enough about us xD Anyway ZJ was the first to arrive, winning the early bird award by hours when he arrived in the morning. The explanation behind his great feat: "I had econs lesson..." I was next to come, responding to ZJ's call to 'play carrom'. However, problems with my ez link card -.-" so we just stoned and waited for the rest.

And the rest... arriving in the following order: marcus (my ezlink got confiscated wth), amos and anurak (circle line whoopee), bryan (eh, you're there already? i'll set off now), and the rest in approximate order cos y'all just started spamming: kenneth, hiok, jack, francis, joel, tak. We were there to watch a movie, Tak was there to watch us buy drinks from NTUC :D (Y)

Dinner was the standard 01-06 fare (read: food junction). Luckily our food wasn't like Francis and Zhong Jun (read: burnt to a crisp). After -ahem- stocking up on essentials, we said goodbye to hiok, francis and tak and went to watch Ironman 2!

Movie was pretty cool. (: I liked the humour. Joel liked the car. And the ex-wife was epic! And the short scene after 5 minutes of credits wasn't really THAT worth it. But yea, since we were there heheh.

Thanks to Tony Stark for his awesome donation of art to the Scouts though :D

And that was an 01-06 outing (: Can't wait for the next one haha!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The year of 2009 is coming to an end. Our venturing year has come to a close. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. And rain. And forest. And Ubin.

Yesterday was 01's annual Group Celebrations. The BBQ was awesome, the parasites in the pavilion were lazy, and the atmosphere was one of.... i dunno how to describe. Ask some lit dude.

Hope 01-06 keep in touch. ((:

Our next batch outing will be in....

(Someone fill in the blank next time.

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